Rto Approved AIS 140 Vehicle Tracking System

Never lose track of your vehicle with the AIS 140 certified location tracking

AIS 140 Vehicle Tracking System


Aditi Tracking leverages the power of location to enrich the experience of our customers. They aim to proffer high value to their clients by designing solutions with a host of features that aid customers in tracking vehicles better while enhancing their operational efficiency and ever-fluctuating ROI.

Advanced Tracking

AIS 140 GPS Tracking System ensures there is no on-road speed violation through its real-time tracking feature. It enables the owner to manage the fleet by getting instant speeding and violation alarms to maintain the safety of the transport and the content it is carrying.

GPS Certificate

Aditi Tracking offers fitment, Vahan, and BSNL/DIMTS certificates that are required for vehicles like Taxis, Buses and Trucks when they are due for passing. Once the installation process of the GPS tracker is completed and certified by AIS 140, all the certificates are submitted by Aditi Tracking.

Emergency/SOS Button

Vehicles with AIS 140 GPS tracking devices get an additional SOS button fitted to them. While your Trucks, Taxis or Buses are en route, drivers can press the SOS button in case of an emergency including an accident, vehicle breakdown or traffic violation. The SOS button instantly shares the live location of the vehicle allowing the owners to take a relevant step.

Manage Vehicles’ Fuel Consumption

While your commercial vehicles are en route you can monitor the fuel consumption via the AIS 140 GPS Tracker. Keep a track of fuel re-filling, fuel consumption and fuel theft through day-to-day, weekly, monthly and annual reports giving insights into fuel consumption. It enables you to get rid of the extra cost and manage the fuel consumption accordingly.

Industries We Cater

Since the inception of Aditi Tracking Pvt Ltd, we have created our own space and place through our location-based services offering System Integration expertise. As of now, our GPS services are leveraged by corporates and industrialists empowering them to get streamline their operational efficiency.
Today, our telematics system offers possibly everything you need to manage real-time tracking and tracking statistics with the RTO-approved AIS 140 Tracking System.







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Vehicle Rentals

Public Transport

Public Transport

Heavy Equipment Industry

Heavy Equipment Industry

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Why Choose AIS 140 GPS Tracking Device?

Starting from rendering route monitoring, fuel management, SOS emergency alert to a user-friendly feature-filled dashboard, vehicle Maintainance notification and Intelligent driver scoring methodology, AIS 140 GPS Tracking System streamlines the everyday fleet management process. In addition, it offers data insights enabling you to take instant decisions.

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Web dashboard & native mobile applications


Get Live location of your vehicle


Excellent service with seamless installation

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Salient Features


Real-time location with easy-to-use
vehicle tracking dashboard


Emergency request button(SOS)

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Intelligent driver scoring methodology

vehicle tracking dashboard Emergency request button(SOS) Intelligent driver scoring methodology
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Benefits of GPS Tracker

ais 140 certified gps tracker

Indisputably, AIS 140 GPS Tracking System puts you virtually in the driver's seat leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. Now vehicle tracking and real-time fleet management are just a click away with Aditi Tracking. Let's walk through the benefits of the AIS 140 GPS Tracker in detail.

  • Know Your Vehicle’s Location
    Track your commercial vehicles including Trucks, Buses and Taxis with AIS 140 GPS real-time tracking system and much more.
  • Set a Designated Area for Drivers
    Create geo-fencing or virtual fencing to designate an operational area. Get notified in case of violation of the boundary with the AIS 140 GPS Tracking System.
  • Eliminate the Risk of Unauthorised Usage
    Monitor the unauthorised usage of commercial vehicles including unauthorised stoppage and route deviation.
  • Disable the Vehicle from Anywhere
    Disable the ignition of the parked vehicle to halt unauthorised usage of the vehicle via the immobilisation feature. This ensures no harm to assets or the vehicle from anywhere.
  • Get Notified Instantly
    In case of emergency, the SOS button will send you an instant notification and live location of the vehicle to take on-spot action.
  • Get Vehicle Maintainance Notification
    Get a notification for vehicle maintenance, insurance and PUC renewal, oil change and tire change timely to ensure no mishaps while the vehicle is en route.

Intelligent GPS Tracking with Live alerts


PAN India service


SOS/ Panic button

Meet Our Customers

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Manage fleet operations with real-time vehicle status & ensure safety with instant speeding & violation alarms.

Get more done with fewer resources with Aditi Tracking.

Frequently Ask Questions

Your GPS tracking device should be ICAT or ARAI certified. It will be mentioned in your documents for future reference and requirements.

The AIS 140 GPS trackers have 1 E-SIM and work for a dual profile.

Your AIS 140 tracking device is mandatory for commercial vehicles in India as it offers data and collects data that is essential to run a business. In addition to that, The device works on dual IPs. Its data is required to be sent to the Government server. With the device in hand, we set a secondary IP for the Government server. As soon as we set the secondary IP, the device commences sending data to the Government’s server. Allowing it to be tracked from anywhere and anytime.

AIS 140 GPS devices have a host of benefits including-

The AIS 140 GPS Device offers technical benefits like cost optimisation by cutting down your daily fuel expenditure cost. It suggests the shortest route that can aid you to reach your destination without having to spend extra on fuel and other travel expenditures.

Another major technical benefit of the AIS 140 GPS Device is the emergency panic button that can help you understand and track your vehicle's location while it is in crisis. The precautionary measures can be taken at an early stage benefitting the driver and your company.

The AIS 140 GPS Device is not only a GPS device that offers live location but also aids in better fleet management. If a driver or anyone for that matter tries to tamper with the GPS device, it instantly sends you an alert and the location of the device.

Apart from offering live location detection, it ensures that you are aware of your vehicle’s health and wear and tear possibilities to avoid sudden damages and accidents. The device sends you alerts time-to-time offering valuable information about your vehicle’s parts, fuel coverage, tire wear and tear possibility and much more.

With the Fleet Management System, fuel monitoring becomes seamlessly possible. The reliable GPS Integrated Fuel Monitoring System enables you to track and reconcile your fuel inventory from a central dashboard. Thus, you can view a consolidated report of fuel usage, wastage and drip duration within a single click. The fleet management system also provides fuel consumption tracking that not only prompts you in case of fuel theft but also shows you the exact location and time of when the theft occurred. With the comprehensive fuel mileage and idle wastage analysis, you can save fuel significantly by cutting down on wastage and optimizing your travels.