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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Why use GPS tracking?

Gps tracking helps in business growth and customer satisfaction. How so? Let's explore the benefits of using GPS tracking.

Maximize Vehicle Utilization

GPS fleet tracking systems helps in real-time monitoring of fleet location and performance of your vehicles and improve the administration of your fleet vehicles.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Fleet management systems give insight into the driver behaviour thus making it helpful for owners to make decisions instantly. When drivers are more aware of it they will drive more responsibly when in possession of a company vehicle. This is why insurance companies provide special discounts on vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems

Reduce Fuel Costs

The fleet tracking systems help in a large reduction in fuel costs due to factors such as better route planning, less idling, better driver behaviour etc. Hence, eliminating unnecessary fuel expenses.

Improve Fleet Security

Fleet monitoring systems make the driver aware of the predetermined safe areas which will help the driver to stop and rest. Also, customers are alerted when the vehicle arrives at their facility to prevent unauthorized vehicle movement from your facility.

Industries We Serve

As one of the leading vehicle tracking system companies in India, we understand that every industry and every company has different needs. That is why we have created a telematics system that is not only flexible and easy to use but can perform everything you could possibly need to manage real-time vehicle tracking and tracking static assets.







Vehicle Rentals

Vehicle Rentals

Public Transport

Public Transport

Heavy Equipment Industry

Heavy Equipment Industry

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What we Offer

vehicle tracking system
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Access to visual summaries of fleet metrics and parameter


Add or delete modules based on business preferences


Improve operational visibility with real-time data

vehicle fuel monitoring system

Bringing safety to the last mile

Your vehicle's protection is now just a few clicks away. Disable the vehicle's ignition so that a non-authorized person can't move the vehicle without your permission. Lost your car keys? Don't worry we've got you covered.


Restrict unauthorized access


Safety and remotely shut down your vehicle's engine


Avoid losses because of vehicle theft.


Power your fleet with best in class technology. We help you track any moving asset, fleet or driver management solution.

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Seamless vehicle tracking on a single dashboard

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Alerts, DVIR
& Route Optimization


Tire Management
& Immobilization

spam alert

Maintenance Reminder
& On Board Diagnostic

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Ready to redefine Vehicle traffic and safety?

Get more done with fewer resources with Aditi Tracking.

Frequently Ask Questions

Aditi tracking is a leading service provider that tracks productivity, efficiency and profitability. In the case of small or big vehicles, Aditi tracking is determined to safeguard and watch your asset from theft or harm.

Some of the features we offer are:

  • Customers can access visual summaries of fleet metrics and parameters.
  • Improve operational visibility with real-time data and helps the customer to take on-time decision based on reports.

A GPS tracking system is done through the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. The GNSS consists of satellites that communicate with GPS devices to relay information on the current location, direction, time, and speed of the vehicle being tracked.

A vehicle tracking system makes it simpler to track and control vehicles 24*7 via an online computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. with GPS satellites. This makes it easier for the owner to check the history of vehicle speeds, the routes they follow, stopping points, and idling times on maps providing a registry and checkpoint with past and present reports.

Keep track of your Vehicle & Employees

GPS Vehicle tracking system relays real-time updates of the location of your vehicles and employees. This is useful and prevents any mishappenings if an employee or driver commits any non-compliant behaviour.

The GPS vehicle tracking system also identifies and analyses the shortest possible routes to the destination to improve the productivity of fleet operations. This reduces operating costs and reduces the inefficient work of drivers which could lead to a more efficient business.

Enhance Customer Services

GPS tracking system is useful in ensuring that the fleet is delivering products on time thus increasing customer satisfaction. It also keeps the owner aware of the vehicle’s location and usage.

Customers are aware of real-time ETA and vehicle that helps them to contact the driver for any assistance need any assistance. Therefore, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance

The vehicle tracking system regularly provides the customer with the performance status of the vehicle. Hence, improved maintenance can maximise profits and prolong the life of the vehicles.

A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network to send microwave signals to GPS devices that provide information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction. So, it can probably give both real-time and historic navigation data of the travel journey.

Aditi tracking has conceptualised a unique telematics system that is a foolproof method to manage real-time vehicle tracking and tracking static assets.

Some of the features we offer are:

  • Customers can access visual summaries and reports of fleet metrics and parameters.
  • Improve operational visibility with real-time data and helps the customer to take on-time decision based on reports.