Top 5 Fleet Management Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid

Managing staff members and drivers is a challenging task for fleet managers in itself, and this is increased twice with the daily management responsibility being added. There is a lot to do with a fleet management system including vehicle purchasing, timely scheduling of vehicle maintenance, managing the fuel costs, complying with the rules and regulations set by the government, as well as developing and adapting to the safety programs. All this should be done while staying within your budget and trying means to enjoy higher profitability. With all such responsibilities to take care of, it can be highly stressful for a manager to run a fleet without any mistakes. However, such mistakes tend to create frustration for your employees and team members, also affecting the company with respect to the money, and time.

Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Fleet Management System

To keep mistakes away from being a part of your fleet management solution, here is a look at the top 5 errors that you should avoid, no matter whatever responsibilities are there in store for you.

  • Improper communication- Getting all the employees on board stands for no different messages for each one, irrespective of their job role in the fleet management system. Keeping this view in concern, organize staff meetings with your team members to review their overall priorities and goals, company news, and other essential facts. Besides, it is important to schedule one to one meeting on a regular basis with your corresponding managers, and employees for encouraging open communication and feedback. This will give everyone a chance to voice their opinion and make them feel truly valued.
  • Inefficient route plans- Wastage of time and fuel are two common issues with inefficient route plans. This also leads to delayed deliveries for goods where delivery beyond a certain time can affect the product, such as in the food and beverage industry. The use of a GPS vehicle tracking system is essential for avoiding fuel and time wastage. This is now recognized as an essential part of any efficient fleet management solution. The advantage here is that you will get access to a good customer base who will intend to stay in business with your company.
  • Improper training- Simply assuming that your employees know everything can prove to be a costly assumption. They are likely to be good, very good, at par, or below par employees for your team. Hence, it is important that you create, and plan a proper training session for everyone employed in your fleet management system. Remember that proper guidance, practical experience, and certification are highly critical. It trains your employees as well as keeps them updated about the changes in law, ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations set by the government. Along with offering quality training programs, make sure to keep the staff certifications and licenses current.
  • Postponing preventive maintenance appointments- Postponing any routine maintenance appointment can prove costly for your company at any given time. This is one of the reasons behind downtime and breakdowns, which can lead to delayed delivery or even other serious injuries to the vehicle and its corresponding driver. The use of a proper fleet management system from Aditi Tracking can help you to get notifications about required maintenance, as well as schedule one at your convenience. This will ensure maintenance of productivity even when a vehicle is at the repair shop.
  • Inefficient outsourcing decisions- Not all fleets possess the internal resources required to cover all the responsibilities efficiently. This is where proper outsourcing becomes necessary. You should remain cautious and think deeply to decide what should be kept in-house, and what should be outsourced. Remember that outsourcing wrong tasks have proven costly for many businesses before, and have eventually affected productivity. According to the rule of thumb, it is wise to outsource cheap clerical and administrative work and carry out the high-level tasks in-house.

Final Say

Avoiding all of these mistakes mentioned above is the best way to incorporate a reliable fleet management system into your company. In addition, you can seek assistance from professional service providers like Aditi Tracking to get the best quality service while staying within budget.

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