The Impact of AIS 140 Certification on the Indian Vehicle Tracking Industry

The automotive industry has brought some immense changes, since the launch of the AIS 140 vehicle tracking system certification in India. The certification has played a very crucial role and brought positive changes like reliability and better security for not only businesses but public transport like taxis, buses, and trucks as well to ensure the safety of the passenger and fleet management.

Before the introduction of AIS 140 certification the industry was unregulated and with no set guidelines for installing and tracking devices in public transport vehicles led to many issues like lack of transparency, inconsistent tracking, and unreliable data. But, addressing the issues of security AIS 140 certification has been introduced in India to make the industry more regulated and organised.

Benefits of AIS 140 Certification-

Once your vehicle is certified with AIS 140 it covers a wide range of aspects like GPS accuracy, power consumption, data transmission, and signal strength. Along with this it also ensures the use of technologies like GSM and GPRS and prevents the tracking device from any harm using features like geo-fencing and immobilizers.

Passenger Safety- AIS certification brings loads of benefits with it but the most important of all is the passenger safety. Once the tracking system is installed in a vehicle the owner has real-time tracking of the vehicles and thus, in case of emergencies or accidents, the owner can easily locate the vehicle to provide needed assistance.

SOS button- Once the vehicle is certified with the AIS 140, installation of the SOS button becomes mandatory. The button helps the driver to alert the owner in case of an emergency by just pressing a button. Once the SOS button is pressed, the live location is shared with the owner to allow them to have real-time tracking of the vehicle. Also, if the driver ever tries to tamper with the device the device will immediately send an alert to the owner.

Fleet Management Solution- The device helps in providing data on the location, movement of the vehicles, and speed which can benefit the owner in optimising operations. The device also keeps track of the vehicle’s health, wear, and tear possibilities to avoid any sudden damage and accident. It also sends time-to-time alerts offering valuable information about the vehicle’s parts, fuel coverage, and tire wear and tear possibility,

Manage fuel consumption- With the help of the latest technology, the vehicle industry has brought a change in the owner’s business. The tracker not only keeps a check on the live location but the fuel as well! Now, the owner can also have track of fuel refilling, fuel theft, and fuel consumption using the reports that can be generated daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. With the help of the tracker, the owner can also ensure the efficiency of not only the vehicle but the driver as well. By simply identifying the most efficient routes, which would reduce idle time, the owner can make sure the time is well utilized.

There are some challenges as well faced by the industry, that is the initial cost of installing and maintaining the device but it surely gives long-term benefits of security, bringing growth and innovation in the vehicle tracking industry in India.

Features of the AIS 140 GPS tracker-

  • Real-Time Live Location of the vehicle to keep track of the driver and vehicle.
  • Excellent Services with seamless and hassle-free installation.
  • SOS button for immediate assistance in case of emergencies
  • Web Dashboard and native mobile applications for amazing user experience.
  • Intelligent driver Scoring methodology to keep a check on driver’s performance.

The tracking device should be ICAT/ ARAI certified. Certification can be used in various businesses like logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, vehicle rentals, public transport, heavy equipment industry, and many others, which allows the owner to collect data essential to run a business.

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