How to choose the right fleet management solution for your company’s needs

The right fleet management system will offer complete 360° support for its services. Be it asset management, temperature management, fuel monitoring, or vehicle tracking, a good fleet management solution should be able to offer customisable solutions based on a user’s particular requirement.

Aditi Tracking is one of India’s leading GPS-tracking companies that offer comprehensive fleet management solutions by making use of its advanced resources.

Its impact can easily be seen in areas catering to

  • Healthcare- Know the exact route which you should stick to in case of a medical emergency. Coordinating with somebody becomes quite simple when you have the right fleet management solution at your side.
  • E-Commerce- Let your customers know the exact estimate for their delivery and increase your overall satisfaction rates with the use of a brilliant vehicle tracking system.
  • Logistics- Keep records of the tasks completed by your delivery personnel and watch your company’s efficiency rates skyrocket through the roof.

While these are just some of the industries, there are several more which could benefit from the use of a good fleet management system.

So how can one choose the right fleet management solution when there exists so much scope for unnecessary confusion? The answer lies in checking out a list of a few things beforehand.

  • Easy installation- Make sure that the fleet management system you end up choosing has an easy-to-use hassle-free installation process that you set up at your own convenience.
  • Accurate reports- Your fleet management system should be able to provide you with a detailed report which you can later use to cut down on your company’s expenses.
  • Cost control- What good is a fleet management system if it isn’t even helping you control your costs? Be able to control your expenses through features like in-depth fuel monitoring and save yourself from the risk of problems like fuel theft.
  • Real-time tracking- Get to know the exact location of your vehicle by making use of a real-time tracking feature in your system. Check out if your vehicle has taken the intended route or deviated from its course by the use of several advanced fleet parameters.
  • Certified- Having certification from ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) is a good way of ensuring that you can completely rely on your chosen fleet management system.
  • Single dashboard- Get all your data in a single place without having to switch between different tabs with a help of an easy-to-use dashboard. Keep all your records in a digital format and make all your processes become hassle-free.
  • ROI- A good fleet management system will enable you to make an exact estimate of your ROI (Return on investment) earlier than the stipulated time. A fleet management system that lets you get your ROI within 2 months is usually considered to be an amazing quality.

    A good fleet management system should be able to provide solutions for a wide variety of services:

    • Vehicle tracking- Improve your vehicle’s operational visibility with precise real-time data and eliminate any chance of unwanted circumstances.
    • Fuel Monitoring- With reports on fuel consumption, fuel mileage, and idle wastage be able to stash your fuel expenses in a matter of just few months.
    • Asset Management- Manage critical information relating to temperature, humidity, vibration, and so many more through the integration of good asset tracking software.
    • AIS 140 Gps devices- Get notifications about instant speeding and violations which will help you safeguard the driver as well as the content. You could even make use of a mobile application to be able to understand your data in a systematic format.
    • Temperature management- Protect your goods from any possible damage by being able to monitor the exact temperature. Know about any rise or drop in the temperature and get notified about it as soon as it happens.
    • Heavy equipment- Make your everyday tasks easier by integrating the knowledge of preferred routes, rush-hour, optimal departure time, and many other related factors.
    • Electric Vehicle management - Get alerts when it's time to charge your electric vehicle and get precise reports about your battery’s health and efficiency after you are done with your specific trip.

    Aditi Tracking provides all the above-mentioned services and so many more.

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