Track Your Transport: Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System for the Trucking and Shipping Businesses

Commercial transportation is synonymous in India with a picture of large and over-loaded trucks running on the highway at constant image. Businesses in India mostly depend on trucks to fulfil their supply chain requirements and demands. In order to do so, the entrepreneurs own a fleet of trucks and manage them internally, or depend on a third-party transportation business that offers trucking services to entrepreneurs.

Trucking transportation is one of the most convenient options for entrepreneurs in India when it comes to meeting one’s supply chain demands. Having said that, transportation including trucks has been a challenge for most owners, primarily, because there is no transparency in trucking operations. There are multiple blind spots that are today troubling the transportation business as a vast majority of logistics and transport tracking operations are still done manually - emergency response, truck tracking, checking tasset temperature - resulting in fuel theft, drunk driving, late deliveries, over-speeding, cargo thefts, assets gone bad, and accidents.

While GPS tracking systems were introduced to the transportation industry long back, but it is still poorly adapted by the transportation industry compared to China, Europe, and The United States. Organisations globally are able to track their long-haul trucks and manage their fleet of trucks through integrated vehicle tracking systems and fleet management systems . This has largely reduced fuel theft, asset damage, cargo theft and accidents for transportation businesses globally. However, India is still struggling to achieve it and trucks in India operate at lower milage and high cost of transportation affecting one’s annual ROI.

There are infinite benefits to integrating Fleet GPS tracking and vehicle management systems with your logistics and transport operations. Let’s discuss them all in detail.

Vehicle Management System

Sensor Monitoring

The Vehicle Management System incorporates multiple sensors to understand driver’s behviour like over-speeding, harsh braking, drowsy driving, multiple stops, rapid acceleration and much more. Apart from the driver’s behaviour, truck owners can seamlessly track fuel consumption, route detour, temperature rise or dip, etc. These sensors make it simpler for owners to manage the transportation or fleet from anywhere and anytime automatically. No need to manual intrusion or constant calling.

Point of Interest

The Vehicle Management System enables you to included multiple point of interest or places that your truck visits or stops in between of its travel. This makes it easier to track the location of the truck. By adding the point of interest to your dashboard, you can see its location on the GPS making it simpler for fleet tracking.

Nearest Vehicle

The nearest vehicle option allows you to locate the trucks and drivers nearest to the desired location of picking-up the consignment. The fleet tracking makes its way simpler than manual tracking.

Route Monitoring

Route monitoring under vehicle management system enale owners to get a detailed report of travel times, delayed traffic, vehicle speed on a particular route and much more. Route monitoring reports allow owners to design a real-time analytics to take future decisions regarding route distribution, traffic suggestions, etc.

User Management

With a well-designed and intuitie dashboard, varied users get to access to different reports allowing them to take the right actions at the right time. While the owners can use the dashboard, the IT department, and the manager, it can also be leveraged by the driver to mention his time on the road and much more.

Track your Transport with Aditi Tracking

From the discussion so far, it’s very well established that GPS tracking system is an essential need of the hour for transportation companies. The truck GPS tracker has the ability to track your transportation and highlight discrepancies at any point of time ensuring transparency across operations.

Aditi Tracking offer Vehicle Management system that not only tracks your transport but also offers real-time analytical reports to take data-driven decisions. Our tracking solution virtually puts you the driver’s seat enabling you to control overall operations efficiently.

To start with your tracking process, you can consult Aditi Tracking that will further assess your budget and business plan to offer you the best possible fleet tracking services.