What is AIS-140 GPS vehicle tracking system & how can it help in fleet management

What is a fleet management system and why is it required?

A fleet management system involves the management of commercial vehicles to track, monitor, and locate sensitive details such as excess idling, route changes, etc.

The benefits of a fleet management system include improving the driver’s safety, reducing overall costs, improving the vehicle’s efficiency, and many more.

What is an AIS 140 GPS device and how does it help?

An AIS 140 GPS device is part of the AIS 140 vehicle tracking system which helps to let you know the exact location of your vehicle through its advanced real-time tracking feature. The device makes use of Ai-enabled technology to provide valuable insights which help the driver make informed decisions.

Get the exact live location of any commercial vehicle like trucks, buses, taxis, and many more through our AIS 140 GPS vehicle tracking system. Through this, you can always stay updated on the entire vehicle tracking process.

An AIS 140 GPS device usually comes with an emergency button which can be useful during an emergency or an accident. The SOS button usually comes in handy when dealing with unexpected incidences as it facilitates quick decision thinking.

All our AIS 140 GPS devices have a feature through which you can gain access to the web dashboard analytics which are extremely easy to use and understand. You could gain access to your vehicle’s data even through a mobile application. All our devices can be easily installed and we try our best to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

Through our AIS 140 GPS device, you can easily prevent entry to a restricted area by implementing our feature of geo or virtual fencing. This is made possible through the notification feature of the AIS 140 GPS vehicle tracking system. Get to know instantly if a vehicle is being off-tracked and prevent its usage in the early stages itself! Our GPS devices also come with an immobilization feature through which you can disable the ignition feature of any vehicle.

Get notifications related to your vehicle’s maintenance such as its insurance, PUC renewal, oil change, and tire change to make sure that your vehicle stays in a good condition.

Our AIS 140 GPS devices work on a dual profile and have 1 E-SIM.

All our AIS 140 GPS devices incorporate intelligent driver-scoring methodology which helps in improving the driver’s efficiency extensively.

Our AIS 140-certified devices can also be used for the certification of fitment, Vahan, BSNL, and DIMTS which are provided by our company. These certificates would get submitted by our company itself.

Our AIS 140-certified devices are also known for their low fuel consumption as they help in keeping track of re-filling and fuel theft. The day-to-day, weekly, monthly and annual reports of our AIS 140-certified devices will help you gain proper insights into your fuel consumption.

Our AIS 140 GPS devices cater to a wide variety of areas such as logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, transportation, and healthcare which can be availed through any part of India. The device and hardware of our GPS devices remain the same, it's just the vehicle that gets changed! For instance, the same AIS 140 GPS device could be used in an ambulance van, a garbage van, or a bulldozer.

Criteria for AIS 140 GPS devices

The criteria for an AIS 140 GPS device is that it should be ICAT or ARAI certified and by making using our tracking services, you’ll never have to worry about their certification requirement!

Our GPS services are used by well-known corporates and industrialists and we’re sure that we’ll continue to grow. With the Government of India making it mandatory for commercial vehicles to have AIS 140 GPS devices for tracking and data collection, get your AIS 140 GPS device today!