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Along with the requirement of well-organised system, a logistics and transport business relies on external factors such as road infrastructure, optimal utilistation of resources, demand-supply gaps.

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Aditi Tracking
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Our GPS tracking solutions are designed to make your life simpler … stay connected with all the things you love!

Aditi Tracking offers you highly sophisticated GPS tracking system that allows you keep track of all your assets anywhere in India, at any time. We offer a diverse range of services and package deals that offer real time tracking for personal assets as well as business resources. Some of the services offered by Aditi tracking system includes vehicle tracking, fleet operations system, waste management system, fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, sales force tracking, employee roster, senior citizen, child and pet tracking and car security.

Our vehicle tracking system offers a wide variety of transport management solutions from simple location tracking for vehicles such as car, bus, two-wheelers and ambulance to taxi dispatch system and tracking of public transport. Once our GPS tracking device is installed, you can access it on any tracking device. Our GPS tracking software has already been integrated for easy use in smart phones and supports multiple languages. Many external hardware devices such as RFID, UHF reader and camera can be incorporated into the system. You also receive alerts and notifications for all your assets without having to open the application all the time.

Aditi tracking offers you simple and smart tracking solutions for daily living. Let us be your eyes in places you cannot reach. What is precious to you is precious to us. Let us help you protect what is important to you.