What you should know about Asset Tracking and the Benefits

What is a fleet management system and why is it required?

A fleet management system involves the management of commercial vehicles to track, monitor, and locate sensitive details such as excess idling, route changes, etc.

The benefits of a fleet management system include improving the driver’s safety, reducing overall costs, improving the vehicle’s efficiency, and many more.

What is an asset tracking system and how does it help?

An asset tracking system refers to the method of tracking your assets and equipment by integrating the use of various technologies to help you keep track of your asset's life, utilization, maintenance, and so much more.

Benefits of an asset tracking system:

  • Increased productivity, Through constant updates increase the productivity and performance of your assets.
  • Accurate readings, Skip manual work and make use of our tech-enabled solutions to get accurate readings about your asset.
  • An integrated solution, Have a brief idea about all the dependencies which could be associated with your asset and its related services through our asset tracking system.
  • Retrieval of your asset, Get the exact location of your lost asset by making use of our GPS-enabled technology in our asset tracking system.
  • Compliance with the industry standards, Every company is required to manage its assets according to the industry standards set forth by the authorities and our asset tracking system will help you throughout the entire process.
  • Individual accountability, Our asset tracking system will help you manage and take accountability for your asset activity in a quick and easy manner.
  • Prolonged battery life, Get a prolonged battery life for both your powered and non-powered assets through our asset tracking system and never worry about your battery life ever again.
  • Easy installation, All our devices are easily installable and all you need to do is to download our mobile app.
  • Unbreakable security, Forget having to worry about anybody accessing your confidential information through our bulletproof security systems.
  • Weather-proof, Our asset tracking system is built to last in the harshest of weather conditions through the integration of IP67 protection of our asset tracking system.
  • Smart solutions, Our asset tracking system will help you develop reports on crucial sensor data like temperature, humidity, vibration, and many more.
  • Instant results, Get fast and secure integration through our asset tracking software available which would be available in a flexible and clear format.
  • Technical assistance, Our technical support team is there with you for all your asset-related queries regarding the installation, configuration, integration, trouble shooting, and any other query which you possibly could have.

Why choose a GPS vehicle tracking system?

  • A GPS vehicle tracking system can help you designate a specific operational area and be instantly notified regarding any violation of that boundary’s space.
  • Through our GPS vehicle tracking system you can easily eliminate the possibility of unauthorized usage.
  • Our GPS vehicle tracking system will help you with your vehicle’s maintenance by notifying you about your vehicle’s insurance, oil change, PUC renewal, tire change, and various other requirements.
  • Through our GPS vehicle tracking system you can easily disable the ignition of your vehicle which will prevent the unauthorized usage of your vehicle.
  • Our tracking system is Ai-enabled through which you can virtually imagine yourself in the driver’s seat through the touch of a single click.
  • Our GPS vehicle tracking system will help you send A SOS through which you can be ready to take immediate action whenever required.
  • Our GPS system is RTO approved through which you can get the advantage of certified live tracking.

Our team always stays updated regarding any technological advancements and we offer 24*7 service support for all our systems. We provide custom-made solutions for all your problems and can assure you of the quality of our asset-tracking system. Our services are used by several travel and tour owners and we can guarantee you the quality of our services. We’re sure that our asset-tracking system will prove to be a great addition to your team and you never have to worry about tracking your assets ever again.