What are the metrics to measure the success of your fleet management services

The fleet management services help in tracking metrics such as idle time, speed, fuel consumption, location, driver behavior, and more. This data is used in creating Key performance indicators (KPI) to help in making strategic decisions to help in increasing business revenue and customer experience. KPI( key performance INDICATOR) is an important metric for fleet management assessment.

In this blog, we cover important metrics such as operations, service conveyance, driver behavior, and vehicle performance.

Operation and productivity in Fleet management services:

Good operation and excellent productivity is the backbone of fleet management. Productivity can be checked through task completion indicators that will help the manager to check the performance and status of tasks.

Task completion

The fleet management helps in keeping track of the number of tasks completed by each driver. This helps the manager not only monitor but also take suitable actions to increase efficiency and task/hour ratio.

Cost analysis and deviations:

Cost analysis is an important aspect of fleet management. Proper analysis of cost needs to be accumulated to understand deviation from the budget. If there is a huge deviation from the cost it will hamper the business growth.

Service Conveyance:

Ensuring tracking of vehicles helps in on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. This helps in business growth and profitability. Three metrics are used to retain clarity and seamless deliverance.

Attendance Schedule:

The fleet management helps in tracking real-time GPS of freights. The manager can access the reports and attendance for reference. These metrics help the manager to understand whether the drive is adhering to or deviating from the schedule. Thus assisting the manager to take primitive actions for on time delivery of goods.

Research delivery time

The fleet management helps the manager to access the delivery time and reports of all vehicles. Through this manager will be able to articulate the efficiency of drivers and derive preventive measures to improve the efficiency of drivers. This will help in increasing client satisfaction internally and externally.

Monitoring Performance:

The Manager can access the behavior and performance through fleet management. It gives a clear view of fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and safety. The vehicle management dashboard helps in viewing the performance of drivers. In the dashboard there is a separate ranking system whereby each person's highest and lowest ranking reports are generated. The dashboard covers categories: Harsh acceleration and braking, speeding and excessive idling.

Harsh Acceleration and Braking


Excessive Idling

Can access reports regarding harsh acceleration and  braking on average

Can access data such as the percentage of the total distance traveled at safe speeds

Here Managers can access data regarding fuel consumption and cost 

This can help in evaluating the cost incurred

This helps in understanding and  giving specialized training to drivers

Managers can access the percentage of time spent driving while the engine is on, allowing them to accrue data and observe trends in driver performance

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Tracking System is one of the important aspects of Fleet management. If not managed correctly may lead to loss of revenue and customers. The fleet managers can monitor the performance of the helpers through real time GPS and reports. This helps them to make strategic decisions that will reduce costs and improve productivity.


Usage and replacement



Fuel consumption

Empty Miles

Total cost of the car such as initial cost, maintenance, fuel consumption, and licensing fees

This is an important part of metrics that helps in understanding vehicle value to the business

The fleet managers with help of fleet management solutions identify the fleets that require maintenance. Hence maintaining the efficiency 

The fleet managers will be able to check the downtime of each vehicle. This helps to access the time because the longer they are down directly lowers the rate of efficiency.

Fuel consumption is one of  the biggest expenses curtailing the total cost of vehicle

Using the fleet management services helps in measuring the empty miles and helps in designing routes with less empty miles

The fleet management solutions allow the manager to understand money leakage

Helps in understanding the cost of replacing the parts of the vehicle

Pairing a telematics device allows you to receive diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) from your assets in real-time.

The Fleet Manager through fleet management services can access the data on fuel consumption from each vehicle.

Hope you were able to understand the metrics that will help your fleet management to run smoothly. If you want to know more, kindly click here for a demo or contact us for more information