Modern Fuel Monitoring to Prevent System against Theft

Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Stop Fuel Theft

Fuel theft is difficult to spot and it leads to cost drainage. Freight companies consist of more vehicles and it becomes difficult to monitor each vehicle's fuel. This sometimes leads to major financial loss. This also leads to low customer satisfaction as they are not able to deliver the goods on time.

Fuel theft is difficult to spot unless you caught them red-handedly. Here we come in to help you with a fuel monitoring system that helps you in streamlining the process.

Fuel theft facts:

Below are the facts you will know about fuel theft drains not only business revenue but indirectly hampers the country’s GDP too.

In UK, fuel theft worth £2 million From commercial setting, 67% of fuel was stolen

How to reduce fuel theft?

Educate the drivers:

Educate the driver about fleet monitoring systems, fleet profitability and job security loss. Apart from this, make them aware about the existing process of fuel theft. Train them for basic security vehicles such as parking vehicles securely at night and making sure gas tanks and fuel caps are locked.

Light Up

Light up your ward to minimize fuel theft. Mostly theft happens in dark places so it's better to provide sufficient lighting to get a clear view of would-be thieves. Apart from that it's better to install security cameras and fences to tighten fuel theft.

Most employees or drivers feel threatened by 24*7 monitoring. But it is better to explain to them the benefits and make them aware of additional security. This will also help in clearing innocent parties' names, helping the drivers putting in additional security. Additionally you can use a fuel monitoring system to get real time monitoring in the scene.

Use Defensive parking analogy:

Defensive parking is a technique where you choose a spot where the vehicle is parked defensively to avoid fuel theft. You may feel it's a waste of time but ultimately it will benefit you.

Daily Tank inspection

If the fuel theft happens externally then doing this can probably avoid this. But if it is internally then it becomes an issue. The fleet manager can check the drivers idle time to understand the frequency of it. The daily inspections help the manager to understand if there any damage in the tank. This hassle can be avoided with fuel management services that will help you get integrated

Tampering Odometer

The Odometer can be tampered with during fuel and these drivers do fuel theft. Due to current technology, it is difficult to tamere Odometer.

Tampering can also be done with strong magnets or impulse generators that alter the lower or add kilometers. This way vehicle

The Fuel management system helps the fleet manager to monitor the behavior of the driver . some of the ways to check are:

Check Vehicle History

Check the dashboard for tampering eg. scratches, dashboard fitted awkwardly, misaligned odometer lights

Original Vehicle title if the seller has tampered with it you will be able to understand it.

Consult an experienced Mechanic 

Use Fuel Sensors

The fuel management managment can be linked with fuel sensors that will help in monitoring fuel usage. If any fuel is removed after work hours, an alert and email are sent in real-time to help the manager to check the vehicle.In fuel monitoring system, with the help of fuel sensors helps in identifying fuel theft.

Inspection of yard:

Yard inspection is a must especially after work hours as it helps in monitoring fuel theft. Mostly theft happens around the store so close monitoring helps in nabbing the person. One of the ways is to increase the presence in the yard area. This will deter thieves from stealing the fuels.

How does the Fuel management system help in countering Fuel theft?

Fuel management software in fuel management systems helps in controlling fuel theft. The fuel manager can access the reports to understand the behavior and can access the real time location of the driver. Giving you full access to the dashboard helps in reallocating resources and giving training that will help them to be aware of fuel theft.

The Aditi tracking center provides you with a fuel monitoring system that will provide you with consolidated data. The main benefit is giving alerts to mobile during fuel drain and refill, gets real time fuel monitoring and average use per km. For more information click here or contact us.