What are the Benefits of Leveraging a Vehicle Tracking System?

As the title suggests, a vehicle tracking system enables fleet business owners to track their vehicles in real-time. Along with its basic function to track the vehicle en route, it can also ensure you have the access to multiple other benefits including driver behaviour analysis, speeding and rash driving alert, fuel theft and maintenance notifications. GPS vehicle tracking system is now a trending software among owners managing fleets.

While the Vehicle tracking system seems to be a new-age concept, it is an intriguing software that has several benefits for business owners struggling to understand or analyse their fleet’s increasing maintenance cost. Let’s know them in detail.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System

1. Maximize Productivity

While fleet owners spend tons of money on the maintenance of their vehicles that run on the road almost daily, they find it hard to reach the maximum productivity of the vehicles and the drivers. One major reason is the heavy traffic jams and ongoing construction on highways.

Fleet owners can find a simple solution to this through the Vehicle tracking system. GPS vehicle tracking system shows traffic heavy and ongoing construction routes to ensure the vehicles choose the shortest route possible to reach their destination on time. This enables fleet owners to optimise the productivity of their trucks and allows them to increase the total ROI of the business.

2. Offer Great Customer Service

Most fleet owners are unable to answer their customer's queries regarding where exactly has the shipment reached? or how much time will the shipment take to reach the destination. Fleet business is reaching its peak in India. There is humungous competition in the market and if you want to stand out from them, you need to offer something more.

A vehicle tracking system enables you to track the shipment or truck in real time and offers your customers brilliant customer service. Real-time tracking also allows you to produce accurate bills for the customers by keeping good accountability of your truck and its route.

3. Perfect Fuel Monitoring System

As of now, fleet owners or business owners find it hard to control the fuel intake by the trucks, leaving them with high fuel bills. Considering fuel accounts for the highest expense while running a fleet business.

A vehicle tracking system comes with a good fuel monitoring system that enables fleet owners to extract the fuel data and analyse when and where the vehicle is using an extensive amount of fuel. It also notifies the owner regarding fuel theft and how much fuel is required for a particular trip depending on the route and destination.

4. Cut off Staff & Infrastructure expenses

Did you know that a fleet business requires a hands-on workforce and infrastructure to support the business and track vehicles? However, this seems a little unnecessary today with better options available in the market.

With everything going digital, how can fleet business be left alone? Fleet Management System digitises the fleet operations allowing the owner to reduce the dependency on work staff and physical infrastructure. This reduces the total expenses by half allowing you to invest more in trucks, drivers, truck maintenance and much more.

5. Optimise the Business Value

Managing a huge fleet business manually is a daunting task for owners as it involves rigorous vehicle tracking, data analysis and experiments to optimise the business’ ROI. The best fleet management systems enable fleet owners to get access to pattern recognition and analytics to make data-driven decisions. The system offers information regarding the most visited location, heavy traffic areas, construction or accident-prone areas, the latest market trends in the industry and customer demands and expectations.

The fleet management system extracts month-by-month data of the fleet and ensures that the business owners can take the right decisions for the next fiscal year.

How Does Aditi Tracking Help You?

Aditi Tracking understands the nitty-gritty of the industry and offers a GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system that has multiple features for fleet businesses including analytics, digital operations, real-time tracking, fuel monitoring system and much more.

While you invest your time planning for future endeavours of the business, our vehicle tracking system supports your everyday business requirements.