5 risks to avoid while using integrated fleet management system

Fleet management is a tedious task that needs to be meticulously planned and executed. If there are any discrepancies it will lead to huge money and fame loss. This can be tackled by our integrated fleet management system that gives you live tracking, comprehensive trip reports, and locating sensitive vehicle details such as excessive idling and route changes. This is a comprehensive package that helps you in taking complete control of your fleet.

Below are the 5 risks that can be avoided using a fleet management solution:

Location tracking:

Vehicle theft is a nightmare for any business. Not just they have to deal with business loss but the ramification of legalities. This can be avoided by an integrated fleet management system. They provide real time tracking to monitor and estimate the time of arrival of the fleet. Otherwise, the company is dependent on drivers for accessing GPS location . Fleet management solutions eradicate the dependency on drivers thus taking full control over tracking. They also provide reports to help them in future endeavors.

Fuel loss:

A company incurs 30% of the cost of fuel consumption for its fleet. So fuel theft drains the company's finances. To tackle this fuel monitoring system is used to recognize fuel consumption and keep an eye on fuel theft.

A fuel management system is a subdivision of a fleet management system that uses telematics-based tools and analytical software to capture fuel consumption data and improve fuel economy. For eg. Most companies do a rough estimation for fuel consumption of fleet travel. If the fuel is consumed more there should be real time data to validate it. Mostly there is not sufficient data to validate their claims. This is a source of concern. Here fleet management solution will help you provide real time data that will help you analyze the situation. For this, a chip is installed in petrol tanks to monitor fuel consumption .

Temperature fluctuation:

In the pharmaceutical freight, 20% of the goods become soiled due to temperature fluctuation. This is especially difficult to monitor while in a vehicle. The GPS temperature monitoring device in fleet management solution helps in keeping uniformity of temperature by providing real time data.

They provide real time data if the temperature drops below a certain point. The temperature monitoring device provides an alert if the temperature is too high or low thus preventing spoilage of products. Regular reports help in analyzing and preventing spoilage of foods. One of the features is it can be customized at low and high temperatures.

Inefficiency in on-time delivery:

Good customer service means providing on-time delivery and good quality products. Mostly on-time delivery is not possible due to traffic or cross sections. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately leads to loss of customers to the competitors. The fleet management solution tracking system helps in providing alerts, DVIR, and routes with less traffic that helps vehicles on-time delivery. Improves operational visibility with real-time data thus helping in smooth travels. Not only this it also provides on board logistics and maintenance reminders that helps you in a surge of efficiency and on-time delivery.

Low productivity:

High productivity is the backbone of business survival. So if there is low productivity it will eventually hamper the business growth. In fleet management, low productivity not only leads to low revenue but costs you money and competitors will monetize it.

A fleet management solution will help in synchronizing day to day activities hence increasing productivity.
For eg. If the driver is taking long duration halts or long routes, this can be accessed in the fleet management solution dashboard. In this way, you can rearrange drivers to improve efficiency

The above information is crucial in implementing fleet management efficiently. You can access more information on Aditi Tracking website. Aditi Tracking offers complete fleet management solutions such as vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, asset management, and many more.