GPS Car Tracker Roles and Usages to Provide Security on Roads

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Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of orbiting satellites in the space that sends precise and accurate positions. It can pinpoint locations up to three dimensions like the latitude, longitude, and altitude. Since its launch, it has enabled navigation for all land, sea and air handlers. It was originally developed for military and defense purposes but now it has grown beyond it and has become a vital element of our national economic infrastructure. The reach of GPS technology is far beyond imagination covering fields of transportation, telecommunication, construction, oil exploration, agribusiness to logistical supply chain management. One such field which everyone comes across is transportation. Use of GPS in transportation has boomed in last decade or so. Companies of luxurious cars like BMW, Audi, etc. come with an in-built GPS tracking system which helps the customers greatly in the time of need but not everyone can afford such cars. In India, despite several economic advancements most of the cars doesn’t have a proper GPS tracking system which ultimately leads to problems of theft and car damages. Also, some cars do have the alarm systems but it becomes very tedious to use and causes more of an inconvenience than security.

So, to sort such problems of the customers, we have come up with the best GPS tracker for cars, which helps you keep the track of the location and movement of the car while also having an option to send emergency alerts. This is something which can revolutionize the car industry in India. There are lots of cases reported everyday about the thefts of car and damages caused to it. With such rising numbers, it is important for us to install a well functioned tracking system to monitor our vehicle. With this aim, we at ATSPL provide our customers with seamless integration of GPS, GIS, GMS/GPRS & satellite communications.

We have the right reasons for you why choosing ATSPL is the best option for your car security.

Emergency alerts:
 With our system, you would be getting regular alerts about various emergencies such as an attempt to steal the components of the car or the theft of the car itself. We also give a feature of immobilizing your car, where you can use the immobilize command to lock in any attempt of theft. And in a situation where car-theft takes place, you would still be able to track the location of the car with the help of this system.

Usage Reports: This feature sends regular reports of car including various parameters of the car such as the number of halts taken, amount of fuel used, the distance travelled. This feature helps you keep a track of the car location and you also receive alerts whenever the vehicle crosses the pre-defined boundaries. This is vital as it reduces cases of lost direction which sometimes leads to serious consequences of robbery and crimes.

Dedicated APP: We have a well-equipped application which you can download from Google’s play store which helps you track locations, gives location history, fuel report and much more. It supports multiple languages so that people from diverse background can use it easily and efficiently. You can also put up queries in the review section which would be replied with solutions by our dedicated team of software experts.

Happy Customers: We have many satisfied customers and clients. Maharashtra Police, Punjab National Bank, UCO Bank, Tech Mahindra, Larsen & Turbo and many more are among our clients who are satisfied with our services.

This system is of great importance in our society. With such advanced systems we can surely ensure the security of car and ourselves at the time of need. So before moving out with family and friends for a long drive, make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best GPS tracker for car available in the market.

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